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Tactical Edge Tokens (FW220B)

Tactical Edge Tokens (FW220B)Tactical Edge Tokens (FW220B)
includes six Tank Aces Tactical Edge Objective Tokens.

In Tank Aces, the Tactical Edge Tokens act as special objectives that award players with small bonuses for whoever gets to them first. They can be used to give yourself a boost or make your opponent have to try something again.
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Left: The top side of each Tactical Edge token.
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Tank Aces
There are six different Tactical Edges, each represented by a Tactical Edge token as seen in the examples below (examples shown are the face down side of each token).
Learn more about the Blood, Guts, & Glory Tank Aces Campaign Pack here...
The Six Different Tank Aces Tactical Edge Tokens
Field Manuals
You’ve memorised the field manual. This can give you some good advice, but other times it’s painfully obvious that the guy writing it should get out from behind his desk!
Ammo Dump
You and your men have stocked up at an ammo dump. But you do have to wonder just how long those shells have been sitting in the rain.
Tactical Edge Tokens (FW220B)Tactical Edge Tokens (FW220B)
Tactical Edge Tokens (FW220B)
Letters from Home
The mail bag has arrived and the men are anxious to hear from friends and family back home. The only question is, could it be good or bad news?
Experimental Optics
A few maintenance guys were tinkering with your gunner’s sight. Should you be happy or worried?
Tactical Edge Tokens (FW220B)Tactical Edge Tokens (FW220B)
Blood, Guts, & Glory
It’s September 1944 and the Allies have stormed across France all along the front lines from Belgium to the French region of the Lorraine. Blood, Guts, & Glory covers the tanks battles in the Lorraine between September 1944 and January 1945.

Learn more about Blood, Guts, & Glory here...
Blood, Guts, & Glory
Armour Plates
Your tank has come out of the workshop with a nice new plate of armour added according to your specifications. But those weld lines look a bit spotty.
Visit from the General
Top brass are visiting this afternoon and your unit looks great—all except for Private Kowalski, whose tie is a bit crooked.
Tactical Edge Tokens (FW220B)Tactical Edge Tokens (FW220B)
Tactical Edge Tokens (FW220B)

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