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Colonel Vandeleur & Forward Observer (BR885)

Colonel J.O.E. VandeleurColonel Vandeleur & Forward Observer (BR885)

Lieutenant Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur, DSO & Bar

John Ormsby Evelyn Vandeleur was born in 1903 in Pakistan, where his father, Lieutenant Colonel C.B. Vandeleur, DSO, had been serving.  J.O.E. Vandeleur was commissioned into the Irish Guards in 1924 and quickly rose through the ranks where he gained a reputation as a well-liked, intelligent and insightful officer.
Major Vandeleur was stationed in Egypt and saw combat in Palestine between the wars. In 1940 he returned with his experience to the Irish Guards in England. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in May 1943 and given command of the new 3rd Battalion (Infantry), Irish Guards formed from the training battalion.

‘Joe’, as everyone called him, and his 3rd Battalion landed in Normandy in late June 1944. During a German surprise attack on his headquarters in Normandy, Joe rallied his men as he fought his way to his scout car, jumped onto the vehicle’s machine-gun and fired on the Germans, yelling “Mow them down!”. The battalion pulled together and fought the German attack off.

Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur
Colonel J.O.E. VandeleurWhen the Guards battlegroups were formed Joe was placed in command of the Irish battlegroup. Fortunately, his cousin, Giles Vandeleur, commanded the 2nd Battalion, Irish Guards. The two Vandeleur cousins operated together seamlessly.

After leaving Brussels, Vandeleur and his Irish battlegroup secured the vital bridge over the Meuse-Escaut Canal on the Dutch-Belgian border. The guardsmen named the bridge they had seized JOE’s Bridge in honour of their beloved Lieutenant Colonel.
After the bridge was in the Guards’ control, Lieutenant-General Brian Horrocks visited Vandeleur and informed him that his Irish battlegroup would lead 30th Corps, or 30th Corps, into Holland during Operation Market Garden.

On 17 September 1944 at 1435 hours, the first of Joe’s tanks charged onto the road that would soon be called Hell’s Highway. Vandeleur was never far from the action, dashing from platoon to platoon in his Humber scout car, keeping the column on the move and calling in Typhoon aircraft to knock out German strongpoints.

Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur
Colonel J.O.E. VandeleurHowever, despite the Herculean efforts of the Irish battlegroup the Guards Armoured Division was halted just over a mile from the British 1st Airborne Division which had parachuted into the Arnhem area.

Joe Vandeleur commanded the Irish Guards battlegroup until November 1944, when he was shifted to command the  129th (South Wessex) Brigade of the 43rd (Wessex) Division. He returned to the Guards Armoured Division in July 1945 as commander of 32nd Guards Brigade. He retired from the army in 1951. He later served as a technical consultant to the movie A Bridge Too Far, a popular account of Operation Market Garden. He lived out his life in England.
In Flames Of War

Lieutenant Colonel JOE Vandeleur is a Warrior mounted in a Humber scout car, and is a Higher Command team rated as Confident Veteran. Vandeleur is an Independent team.

Vandeleur may join an Irish Guards Armoured Squadron or an Irish Guards Rifle Company for 50 points. Add an RAF Forward Air Controller team for +10 points.

Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur
Colonel J.O.E. VandeleurSpecial Rules
Press On Regardless! 

Vandeleur knew that the success of the operation relied on keeping his troops always pressing forward toward Eindhoven to link up with the US 101st Airborne Division.

If Vandeleur has not moved At the Double and is not Bogged Down or Bailed Out, he can attempt to push his platoons forward using Press On Regardless.

Guards Combat, Weapons and Brigade Support Platoons that are within 8”/20cm of Vandeleur and are not Pinned Down may attempt to move again at the end of the Movement Step after all other movement. Roll a die for each platoon attempting to move again:

If the result is 5+, the platoon may move up to another 4”/10cm, regardless of its normal movement distance.

Otherwise, the platoon remains where it is.

The platoons may still shoot and assault as normal after making this extra move.

Platoons cannot make this extra move if they moved At the Double.

Bogged Down or Bailed Out vehicles cannot make this extra move.
Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur
Colonel J.O.E. VandeleurGuns, Left! 

Vandeleur’s tank commanders expected a hard fight along the sides of the road. As they advanced the tanks poured intense machine-gun and cannon fire into any scrub or patch of grass that might be hiding a German!

A force including Vandeleur does not use the Semi-indirect Fire special rule. Instead, Sherman V and Firefly VC tanks that moved in their Movement Step may re-roll failed rolls To Hit when shooting their main guns at teams up to 16”/40cm away. Guns Left! does not apply when conducting Defensive Fire.
Unearthly Crescendo

When confronted by the stubborn German Fallschirmjäger, or paratroopers, Vandeleur called down 84 Typhoons screaming in at tree-top level, firing 455 rockets, and causing havoc among the defenders.

A Forward Air Controller team is a White scout car and an Independent Team rated asConfident Veteran. Unlike normal Independent teams, it may never Join a platoon or other Independent Teams.

Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur
Colonel J.O.E. VandeleurWhile the Forward Air Controller team is within 8”/20cm of Vandeleur or a Company Command team, all air attacks against targets within Line of Sight of the Forward Air Controller are under its control.

Aircraft under the control of a Forward Air Controller team may re-roll a failed first attempt when rolling to Range In an air attack.

Unlike normal air attacks that cannot be within 16”/40cm from any friendly teams (see Safety Distance rule on page 144 of the rulebook), aircraft under the control of a Forward Air Controller will only abort if friendly teams are within 12”/30cm from the base of any aircraft.
Colonel J.O.E. VandeleurColonel J.O.E. Vandeleur
Colonel J.O.E. VandeleurColonel J.O.E. Vandeleur
Forward Observer
Forward ObserverForward Observer
Forward ObserverForward Observer
Forward ObserverForward Observer
Forward ObserverForward Observer
Forward ObserverForward Observer
Forward ObserverForward Observer
Forward ObserverForward Observer
Forward ObserverForward Observer

A30 Challenger (BR043)

A30 Challenger (BR043)A30 Challenger (BR043)

In 1941, the British General Staff began examining the feasibility of mounting a high velocity gun into infantry and cruiser tanks. The need arose from experiences against the Afrika Corp during the campaign in the Western Desert and the requirement for a gun capable of knocking out any known German armoured fighting vehicle.
First attempts in fitting the 17pdr gun to an A27 chassis proved unsuccessful, as the width of the hull proved too narrow to accommodate a turret big enough to house the 17pdr gun. This led to the development of the A30, which closely resembled the A27 but with an increase in chassis length and a widening of the hull. An extra road wheel was also added to compensate for the increase in weight.
A30 Challenger (BR043)
A30 Challenger (BR043)The A30 was based as many Cromwell components as possible and mechanically it was almost identical, featuring the same Rolls-Royce Meteor engine as the Cromwell and was developed by BRCW. The development of the turret to house the 17pdr was entrusted to Stothert & Pitt, a firm that normally specialised in the manufacturing of large cranes and was derived from the turret they had tested on the TOG 2.

More on the TOG 2...
The turret was enormous as it not only had to mount the 17pdr gun but also meet the depression and elevation requirements as stated by the War Office. The first prototype was completed in August 1942 and initial trials showed up serveral deficiencies including suspension trouble due to excess weight and a slow turret traverse. To improve performance, an electronic transverse gear was fitted and a decrease in armour thickness was ordered to reduce the overall weight. In addition, the size of the 17pdr rounds restricted ammunition stowage which led to the removal of the hull machine gun position.A30 Challenger (BR043)
A30 Challenger (BR043)By February 1943 the A30 was accepted for production with an order for 200 being place with BRCW.  However, it wasn’t until March 1944 that the first production vehicles were ready.

Now known as the Challenger, the delays in getting it into production hindered it so much that the development of the Firefly assumed a greater importance. The Firefly proved easier to product and it saw the majority of the action during the Normandy campaign. It wasn’t till after the D-Day landings that the Challenger finally saw action.
As more Challengers made it to the frontlines, they had begun to provide 17pdr support in similar ways as the Sherman Firefly (one tank per troop). The Challenger was better suited to supporting the Cromwell formations than the Firefly as it was able to keep up with the Cromwell better than the slower Sherman due to the Meteor engine. Issuing the Challenger to Cromwell units also made maintenance and repair easier as the shared many of the same components. This became standard with the first Challengers being issued to Cromwell regiments in North-West Europe in August 1944.
A30 Challenger (BR043)
A30 Challenger (BR043)
In Flames Of War

Fitted with the OQF 17pdr gun the Challenger has plenty of punch while still being able to keep up with the agile Cromwell.

Front 6; Side 4; Top 1
ROF 3; Anti-tank 13; Firepower 3+
Challenger’s Equipment & Notes

Co-ax mg, Light Tank, Overloaded, Protected Ammo, Tow Hook, No HE,  Semi-indirect fire.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown
A30 Challenger (BR043)
A30 Challenger (BR043)A30 Challenger (BR043)
A30 Challenger (BR043)A30 Challenger (BR043)
A30 Challenger (BR043)A30 Challenger (BR043)
A30 Challenger (BR043)

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News 17.09.2009

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Last Updated On Thursday, 17 September 2009
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This week we have an interesting variety of articles and products for your entertainment.

We’ve made a 4th Canadian Armoured Division Intelligence Briefing. Andy Blozinski looks at the tactical importance of the Soviet Forward Detachment. We have two more history articles to go with the new North Africa book. The guys from MOAB have the third part of their article and we look at spotlights for two more entrenchment/dug-in marker packs.
Soviet Assault Sappers see River of Heroes
Blake’s Gallery Tip of the Week

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Canadian Armour 4th Canadian Armoured Division (under review)
Stuart Elle takes a look at the formation and training of the 4th Canadian Armoured Division We have also made it into a full Intelligence Briefing for Flames Of War.

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Soviet Forward Detachments
Andy Blozinski takes a look at the Peredovoi Otrad, The Forward Detachment Unit, and its role within the Soviet Operational Art of War.

Soviet Forward Detachments…
Soviet Forward Detachments
Razor-back Ridge, Tunisia 1943 Razor-back Ridge, Tunisia 1943
Paul Goldstone looks at the 3rd Battalion, Welsh Guards at Razor-back Ridge.

Razor-back Ridge, Tunisia 1943…
Italian forces in Sicily
Axis Force dispositions on invasion. We take a closer look at the Italian forces in Sicily during 1943.

Italian forces in Sicily…
Italian forces in Sicily
– Preparation is your friend

The MOAB boys explain why preparation is the key to organising a tournament.

Entrenchments Dug-in Markers (BB106)

We take a look at the GF9 Entrenchments Dug-in Markers
Entrenchments Dug-in Markers (BB106)...
Log Emplacements Dug-in Markers (BB107)
We take a look at the GF9 Log Emplacements Dug-in Markers...

Log Emplacements Dug-in Markers (BB107)…
BB106 BB107

Tournament News
Flames Of War at AdeptiCon 2010
Flames Of War will feature at AdeptiCon 2010 held on 26th-28th 2010 in Lombard, Illinois, USA

Flames Of War at AdeptiCon 2010...
King of the Table
King of the Table is a unique Flames Of War event being held on the 19th September 2009 in Spain

King of the Table...  
6th Annual Australian Flames Of War Tournament
Held at MOAB on 3-5 October 2009 Sylvania Heights Community Centre, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Proudly sponsored by Battlecraft Games in assocation with Battlefront Miniatures.

MOAB 2009...
Challenge 2009
The Launceston Gaming Club present Challenge '09 held on the 31 October-1 November 2009 in Launceston, Tasmania

Challenge 2009...
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New Zealand Late War Tournament
Battlefront Miniatures Presents New Zealand’s Late War Grand Tournament, a Two-day event Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 October 2009.

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August's New Releases
In Shops 15 August
MM04 T-14 Assault Tank (x3)
MM12 Panzer I F Light Tank (x5)
MM18 T-43 Medium Tank (x5)
MM14 Semovente 75/34 self-propelled gun (x5)

In Shops 22 August
MM08 Tiger (P) Heavy Tank (x2)
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FW105 North Africa (Hardback)

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BB109 Africa Sandbag Entrenchments
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BB506 Africa Hill, Two Part
BB504 Africa Hills, Small
In Shops 19 September
BBX08 Armoured Platoon (new stowage)
BB106 Entrenchments
BB106 Log Emplacements
BR601 Sherman ARV
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Wargames Illustrated 264
October's New Releases

In Shops 3 October
FW212 Hell's Highway
BR043 A30 Chanllenger
BR885 Colonel Vandeleur & Forward Observer
TD023 Irish Guards Gaming Set
TD027 British Guards Gaming Set
In Shops 17 October
UBX18 Parachute Rifle Company
UBX15 Parachute Field Artillery Battery
US728 .50cal AAMG on stand (x4)
BB108 Sandbag Implacement
TD024 82nd Airborne Gaming Set
USO113 Para Pathfinder team
USO114 Para Snipers
USO115 Turner Turnbull
USO116 Para Supply Cart
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BSO105 Guards Rifle PIAT (x3)
Wargames Illustrated 264
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