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Machine-gun Platoon (late) (GE734)

MG42 HMG teamMachine-gun Platoon (late) (GE734)

The MG42 heavy machine-gun continued to offer its devastating support to the Grenadiers until the end of the war. 

Machine-gun Platoon (late) (GE734)
They were positioned in very concealed positions and in overlapping field of fire in order to maximise their effect on the lines. Heavy machine-guns offered the cornerstones of defensive positions all along the eastern and western fronts.MG42 HMG team
MG42 HMG teamIn Flames Of War

Your machine-gun platoons strengthen your defensive the line, forming strong points to stop Soviet infantry and allow the Grenadiers to counterattack.

Positioning them carefully to cover objectives and dig them in quickly will help secure your flank against marauding infantry and cavalry. With their ROF 6, they will absolutely devastate infantry in the open. Even when Pinned Down, they will still be tough to assault with their ROF of 2!
MG42 HMG team
MG42 HMG teamCommand SMG team
MG42 HMG teamPack includes: 

4x MG42 HMG gun team
1x Command SMG team

Sculpted by Seth Nash
Painted by James Brown

Command SMG teamMG42 HMG team
MG42 HMG teamMG42 HMG team
MG42 HMG teamMG42 HMG team
MG42 HMG team

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