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Tom Wise - Tactics & Painting Tips

Tactics Articles - Flames of War

There is a lot of good tactical advice to be found on the Flames of War forum. If you have any questions about any aspect of the game, the forums are a great place to start. Here, the Bard proudly hosts some of the finest tactical advice to be shared with that online community. As an added bonus, there are even some articles on "tactics" for approaching other aspects of the game.

Scenario Tactics

Hold the Line Tactics (pdf) - Jon Cleaves
Breakthrough Tactics (pdf) - Jon Cleaves

Unit Specific Tactics

Panzer IV Primer (pdf) - Shan

Scenarios (unofficial)

Advance to Contact (pdf) - Todd Schneider

Tournaments and More

How to Run a Tourney (pdf) - Jon Cleaves
Just Another C.O.G.G.(Tourney Organizing) (pdf) - Mark Gunter
Display Board 101 (pdf) - Richard Lonski
Thoughts on Army Lists (pdf) - Jon Cleaves
FoW Terrain List (.xls) - compiled by Jon Cleaves

Basic Terrain 101

1 - Playing Surface (pdf) - J. Cline

Painting Guides

101st Airborne Platoon (pdf) - Tom Wise
101st Airborne Platoon (part 2) (pdf) - Tom Wise
101st Glider Platoon (pdf) - Tom Wise
M4A1 Sherman (pdf) - Tom Wise

Guards Armoured Sherman (pdf) - Tom Wise

2.SS Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers (pdf) - Tom Wise
Late War Grenadiers (pdf) - Tom Wise
Hetzers (pdf) - Tom Wise
Jagdpanthers (pdf) - Tom Wise
Panzer IVH (3. and 5. SS Divisions) (pdf) - Tom Wise
Panzergrenadier Platoon (pdf) - Tom Wise
RSO Pak40 (pdf) - Tom Wise
3.SS Tigers (pdf) - Tom Wise

FoW Labels file (MS Excel 97-03 .xls) - Mark Gunter - For labeling your finished teams. Instructions in file.

Army Backgrounds

The following army backgrounds are designed with a touch of inspiration from the covers of actual Military Intelligence Service periodicals. The final product takes the form of an 8.5" x 5.5" booklet.

9 Royal Fusiliers (9RF) (pdf) - Mark Gunter
6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (6AARR) (pdf) - Mark Gunter
The Green Howards (Spring Recruits 2009) (pdf) - Mark Gunter

If you have written an article on Flames of War tactics and would like to see it included here, let me know. If the fit is right, I'll do my best to give it the same clean layout you see on the other articles posted here (you may need to provide your own illustrations if you want them). I can also produce layout work for additional article types, including Flames of War scenarios so long as I can post them on this site.

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