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News 09.04.2009

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German Feldgendarmerie
This week’s site update has plenty to keep you busy over Easter weekend. You can head down to your local hobby store and check out the new releases:
In Shops 11 April
GBX29 FlaK Bunkers
SU402 Ford JPA (Amphibious) Jeep (x3)
SU104 M10 Lend Lease
SU543 85mm obr 1939 gun
SU747 Spetsnaz Platoon

We have two new Intelligence briefings for you. One contains the promised German Sicherungs and Walküre companies mentioned in Hammer and Sickle, the other covers German Panzerpionierkompanies, both armoured and Unarmoured.

We have the second of our Hammer and Sickle scenarios, this one features Sicherungs troops from the new briefing.

Mike takes a look at what he’ll be taking to the New Zealand Mid War GT.

Finally we’ve been sent a batch of new releases from the nice people at Osprey Publishing and some of the crew review them.

With the release of the Sicherungs and Walküre Intelligence Briefing this week some of you will notice the Feldgendarmerie Platoon. Don’t fear we’ll have news on how to order these miniatures through our Special Order catalogue next week. Chris is working on the pack contents even as I type this.
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Sicherungs and Walküre
As mentioned in Hammer and Sickle the German Sicherungs and Walküre troops also played an important part in the blocking forces and kampfgruppen formed to stop the Red Army's advance during Operation Bagration. Learn how to field them in Flames Of War.

Sicherungs and Walküre Kompanies…
Sicherungs and Walküre
Finding Your Way!
Finding Your Way! Scenario
The second of three Hammer and Sickle scenarios by Ken that we didn't have room for in the Book. See this week’s Sicherungs and Walküre Intelligence Briefing for Germans forces.

Finding Your Way! Scenario…
The combat engineers of the Panzerpionierkompanie are heavily armed assault specialists.

Cavalry! Road to the Mid War GT (4)
This week we take a look at Mike’s Italian Cavalry.

Road to the Mid War GT (4)…
Osprey New Releases
The team from Osprey have been kind enough to send us a copy of their latest releases to have a look at.

Osprey New Releases…

The Stalin and Molotov Lines...

World War II Japanese Tank Tactics...

M551 Sheridan…

World War II Desert Tactics…

Warsaw 1944 (Cam 205)…
Warsaw 1944
Scots Divisions
Scots Divisions Goes Official
I’d like to thank all those who offered feedback on the new Scots 15th and 51st divisions combined Intelligence Briefing. This goes Official this week.

51st Highland Division…

15th Scottish Division…

Tournament News
2nd European Championship IWF
The 2nd European Championship IWF – Rome 2009 (8-11 of July 2009).

2nd European Championship IWF...
SouthCon 2009
Flames Of War Mid War less than 1500pts. Venue: Macandrew Intermediate School, 213 Macandrew Road, South Dunedin. 

SouthCon 2009...
HISTORINE - Tournament
2 & 3 May, Maison des associations de Floirac (Bordeaux 33), France. 1500 points Middle & Late War.

HISTORINE - Tournament...
UK Games Expo 2009
Following on from the last 3 years successful tournaments there will be another large Battlefront UK Flames Of War Tournament this year the UK Games Expo held on Sunday 7 June.
UK Games Expo 2009...
Conquest 2009
Australian Flames of War Mid-War Championship at Conquest 2009, 12 and 13 April 2009, Melbourne.

Conquest 2009...
NZ Mid War Tournament
Battlefront Miniatures Presents New Zealand’s Mid War Grand Tournament. A two-day event on Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 June 2009.

NZ Mid War Tournament...
For More Events...
US Nationals event notices Battlefront USA Events...

March's New Releases

In Shops 14 March
AC006 HS 129 Aircraft Flight
SBX11 76mm ZIS-3 Artillery Battalion
SU160 ZSU Lend Lease M17 MGMC
TD020 505. Schwere Panzerabtielung

In Shops 28 March
SBX06 T-34/85 Company
GBX26 7.5cm PaK40 auf RSO Platoon
SU092 IS-2 obr 1943

SU736 Sapper Company
GE735 Mortar Platoon (Grenadiers, Late)
April's New Releases

In Shops 11 April
GBX29 FlaK Bunkers
SU402 Ford JPA (Amphibious) Jeep (x3)
SU104 M10 Lend Lease
SU543 85mm obr 1939 gun
SU747 Spetsnaz Platoon

In Shops 27 April
SBX12 Heavy Assault Gun Company
GBX27 8.8cm PaK43 Platoon (Cruciform, 2 guns)
GE101 Hetzer tank-hunter
GE275 Maultier (resin, x2)
GE723 Panzergrenadier Platoon (late)
Wayne & Mike
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