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News 02.04.2009

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85mm obr 1939 gun 
This week’s site update sees plenty of interesting and useful articles. We have downloads for Firestorm—Bagration, a German Pionierkompanie Intelligence Briefing, the Normandy Commandos have moved to the Official section, Ken has a Hammer and Sickle scenario, and Chris tells us what he is taking to the NZ Mid War GT.

Plus we shine the Product Spotlight on five new releases that will hit the shops on 11 April. These are the German FlaK Nests, Soviet Ford GPA, M-10, 85mm obr 1939 gun and Spetsnaz..
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Firestorm—Bagration Handbook
As promised on page 51 of the Firestorm—Bagration Book we have created this handy download with useful handout and sign-up sheets.

Firestorm—Bagration Handbook…
Firestorm-Bagration Handbook
German Pionierkompanie
The Pionierkompanie is composed of tough well-trained combat engineers ready to undertake dangerous engineering assignments while under fire, and storm enemy positions by close assault.

German Pionierkompanie…
Commandos go Official
Thanks to everybody who left feedback on the forum for the Normandy Commando Intelligence Briefing. Adjustments and corrections have been made and this briefing has moved to the late war official section.

1st Special Service Brigade…

4th Special Service Brigade…
Normandy Commandos
Point of the Spear Point Of The Spear Scenario
The first of three Hammer and Sickle scenarios by Ken that we didn't have room for in the Book.

Point Of The Spear Scenario…
Road to the Mid War GT (3)
This week Chris Townley starts his New Zealand Divisional Cavalry force, he hopes to be finished for the New Zealand Mid War GT in June.  

Road to the Mid War GT (3)…
Chris's road to the mid war GT
FlaK Nests
FlaK Nests (GBX29)
Germans would place 2cm quad anti-aircraft guns on the roofs, attics, or the top floors of buildings.

FlaK Nests (GBX29)…
Ford GPA (amphibious) Jeep
The Ford GPA was sent to the Soviet Union in large numbers where it found a role in the Red Army's river crossing operations.

Ford GPA (amphibious) Jeep…
Ford GPA
M-10 M-10 (SU104)
The M-10 is a new addition to Soviet forces in Hammer and Sickle. This American tank destroyer was shipped to the Soviets and issued to 29th Tank Corps.

M-10 (SU104)…
85mm obr 1939 gun (x2, Late) (SU543)
In 1943 some Tank Destruction battalions were equipped with the 85mm obr 1939 gun to deal with the newer heavily armoured German tanks like the Tiger and Panther.

85mm obr 1939 gun (x2, Late) (SU543)...
85mm obr 1939 gun
Spetsnaz SMG team Spetsnaz Platoon (SU747)
Soviet special forces are well versed in the arts of deception, stealth, infiltration, and reconnaissance.

Spetsnaz Platoon (SU747)…

Tournament News
UK Games Expo 2009
Following on from the last 3 years successful tournaments there will be another large Battlefront UK Flames Of War Tournament this year the UK Games Expo held on Sunday 7 June.
UK Games Expo 2009...
Feuer Frei!
Brave New World and The Role Play Convention 2009  Koeln presents: Flames Of War: Feuer Frei! (Friday to Sunday continuously). 3 to 5 April in Koeln Germany.  

Flames Of War: Feuer Frei!
Conquest 2009
Australian Flames of War Mid-War Championship at Conquest 2009, 12 and 13 April 2009, Melbourne.

Conquest 2009...
NZ Mid War Tournament
Battlefront Miniatures Presents New Zealand’s Mid War Grand Tournament. A two-day event on Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 June 2009.

NZ Mid War Tournament...
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March's New Releases

In Shops 14 March
AC006 HS 129 Aircraft Flight
SBX11 76mm ZIS-3 Artillery Battalion
SU160 ZSU Lend Lease M17 MGMC
TD020 505. Schwere Panzerabtielung

In Shops 28 March
SBX06 T-34/85 Company
GBX26 7.5cm PaK40 auf RSO Platoon
SU092 IS-2 obr 1943

SU736 Sapper Company
GE735 Mortar Platoon (Grenadiers, Late)
April's New Releases

In Shops 11 April
GBX29 FlaK Bunkers
SU402 Ford JPA (Amphibious) Jeep (x3)
SU104 M10 Lend Lease
SU543 85mm obr 1939 gun
SU747 Spetsnaz Platoon

In Shops 27 April
SBX12 Heavy Assault Gun Company
GBX27 8.8cm PaK43 Platoon (Cruciform, 2 guns)
GE101 Hetzer tank-hunter
GE275 Maultier (resin, x2)
GE723 Panzergrenadier Platoon (late)
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