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Tank Hunters (GE728)

Tank Hunters (GE728)

Tank Hunters (GE728)Tank Hunters (GE728)
includes two Panzershreck teams, twelve Panzerfaust figures & two Medium four-hole bases.

The Panzerschreck and Panzerfaust gave the German infantrymen an effective way of combating enemy tanks. Highly effective and simple to use, these weapons become fear by every Allied tanker.

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The Panzerschreck
The Panzerschreck is a classic case of the Germans seeing a good idea and improving on it. In early 1943 the Germans captured their first US Bazookas in Tunisia and quickly rushed them back to Germany for investigation and testing. They liked what they saw and immediately started work on their own version.

It was decided to make the calibre 8.8cm rather than the 6cm of the Bazooka, which made both the projectile and the weapon heavier than the Bazooka, but gave it more punch. 
Painted Examples Of The Panzerschreck Figures
Tank Hunters (GE728)Tank Hunters (GE728)Tank Hunters (GE728)Tank Hunters (GE728)
Two of each of the figures shown above are included in the pack.
The Panzerschreck in Flames Of War
Panzerschreck8"/20cm2115+Tank Assault 5.
The Panzerfaust
German experiences on the Russian Front during the Soviet offensives of 1942 and 1943 highlighted a need for a man portable anti-tank weapon. The Panzerschreck (an improved copy of the American Bazooka) went some way to filling this gap, but it was felt there was still a need for something usable by a single man.

Development of this idea ultimately led to the Panzerfaust; a one-shot weapon that once fired could simply be discarded. Simple to use and easy to manufacture, the Panzerfaust saw action on every front and proved highly successful. So much so that during the Battle of Berlin some units were armed solely with the Panzerfausts and sent out to stem the tide of Soviet armour.
Painted Examples Of The Panzerfaust Figures
Tank Hunters (GE728)Tank Hunters (GE728)Tank Hunters (GE728)Tank Hunters (GE728)
Three of each of the figures shown above are included in the pack.
The Panzerfaust in Flames Of War
Panzerfaust4"/10cm1125+Tank Assault 6, Cannot shoot in the Shooting
Step in moved in the Movement Step.

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