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IS-2 obr 1944 (SU093)

IS-2 obr 1944 (SU093)

IS-2 obr 1944 (SU093)IS-2 obr 1944 (SU093)
includes one IS-2 obr 1944 tank, one Tank Commander figure and one optional .50 cal AA MG. 

The IS-2 heavy tank was designed to replace the aging KV tanks as the Guards heavy breakthrough units.

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Desperate Measures!
January, 1945: In the west, the German Ardennes offensive failed to achieve its goal of forcing the Allies to the negotiating table. In the east, the Germans traded ground for time, falling back into western Poland and east Prussia and establishing Festerplatz,
or fortress cities. Despite the setbacks, Germany itself was still in German hands and the Allied advances had all been stopped.

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Desperate Measures!
IS-2 obr 1944 (SU093)It was equipped with the massive 122mm gun;  ideal for hunting the enemy heavy tanks and firing HE (High Explosive) rounds into fortified enemy positions.

The IS-2 obr 1944 introduced a faster-loading version of the gun, the D25-T with a double-baffle muzzle brake and better fire-control. It also featured a simpler hull front without a step instead using a flat, sloping glacis armour plate.

Sometimes referred to as the IS-2m (lowercase 'm'), but this official designation was not used until the modernisation of the tank by the Soviets in the 1950s (IS-2M, uppercase 'M').

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Casey Davies
IS-2 obr 1944 (SU093)
IS-2 obr 1944 (SU093)IS-2 obr 1944 (SU093)
The IS-2 obr 1944 in Flames Of War
Name Mobility Front Side Top Equipment and Notes 
Weapon Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower  
IS-2 obr 1944Slow Tank1182Co-ax MG, Turret-rear MG.
122mm D-25T gun32"/80cm 1152+ Breakthrough gun.
IS-2 obr 1944 (SU093)IS-2 obr 1944 (SU093)
No Saves from Big Guns
Some weapons are just so powerful that there is no chance of surviving a hit from them. These heavy guns are often mounted in tanks and self-propelled guns designed to break through enemy defensive lines.

Infantry teams, Gun teams, Passengers, and Unarmoured vehicles automatically fail their Saves when hit by a Breakthrough Gun or a Bunker Buster. This does not apply to Artillery Bombardments.
IS-2 obr 1944 (SU093)IS-2 obr 1944 (SU093)

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