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Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369)

Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369)

Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369)Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369)
includes one Aufklärer 38(t) Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle & one Tank Commander figure.

The cessation of Panzer II L production in January 1944 after only 100 vehicles were completed meant that the demand for a fully-tracked reconnaissance was still high within the Wehrmacht.

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Desperate Measures!
January, 1945: In the west, the German Ardennes offensive failed to achieve its goal of forcing the Allies to the negotiating table. In the east, the Germans traded ground for time, falling back into western Poland and east Prussia and establishing Festerplatz, or fortress cities. Despite the setbacks, Germany itself was still in German hands and the Allied advances had all been stopped.

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Desperate Measures!
Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369)With no alternate design ready to go into production Bohemian-Moravian Motor Works (or BMM) stepped in to provide the necessary vehicles by modifying chassis of the Panzer 38(t) that had been returned to workshops for repair.

The conversion process involved removing the tank turret and building up the hull structure before a 2cm Hängelafette 38 turret was fitted. Fifty conversions were completed between February and March 1944 and the resulting vehicles were issued to armoured reconnaissance units serving on both the Eastern and Western Front from April 1944.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Victor Pesch
Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369)Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369)
The Aufklärer 38(t) in Flames Of War
Name Mobility Front Side Top Equipment and Notes 
Weapon Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower  
Sd Kfz 234/4 (PaK40)Standard Tank410Co-ax MG, Recce.
2cm KwK38 gun16"/40cm 355+ Self-defence anti-aircraft.
Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369)Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369)
Reconnaissance Platoons
Reconnaissance platoons (recce platoons for short) are a commander’s ‘eyes and ears’ on the battlefield. Composed of lightly-armoured vehicles or stealthy infantry, their task is to push out in front of an advancing army and ascertain the strength and disposition of the enemy. This information allows a commander to direct his attacks against points in the enemy line where the opposition is the weakest. In defence, recce platoons act as a screen, keeping the enemy from learning a force’s dispositions while gathering information about when and from where any attack will come.

A Reconnaissance Platoon is any platoon noted as such in the Intelligence Handbooks. All teams in a
Reconnaissance Platoon are Recce teams. Teams attached to a Reconnaissance Platoon are not Recce teams unless they are attached from another Reconnaissance Platoon. Recce teams use the special rules on pages 193 to 195.
Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369)Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369)
Self-defence Anti-aircraft Weapons
Some tanks have anti-aircraft machine-guns mounted for protection against air attacks. These weapons are
usually fired by the vehicle commander, requiring them to watch the skies for incoming aircraft rather than performing their own job. If the platoon isn’t under attack, the commander focuses on their main task rather than worrying about providing anti-aircraft cover for other platoons.

Self-defence Anti-aircraft weapons, such as all AA MG, may only fire Anti-aircraft Fire if one of the platoon’s teams would be under the Template (see page 185 of the rulebook).

Self-defence Anti-aircraft weapons only roll one die when firing at Aircraft regardless of their ROF rating.

Unlike other Anti-aircraft weapons firing at Aircraft, Selfdefence Anti-aircraft weapons can move At the Double, Dig In, Shoot or Assault in their next turn.
Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369)Aufklärer 38(t) (GE369) 

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