mandag 4. juni 2012

DFS-230 Glider (GSO200)

DFS-230 Glider (GSO200) and Decal Sheet (GSO201)

Glider SprueDFS-230 Glider Sprue (GSO200)
includes one DFS-230 Glider Sprue with metal Fallschirmjäger HMG gunner.

Each sprue contains the following parts:

1x Left wing.
1x Right wing.
1x Horizontal tail section.
2x Wing struts.
1x Gilder body.

Also contains one metal Fallschirmjäger HMG gunner as seen in the painted example below:
DFS-230 Glider Sprue (GSO200)

Check out the DFS-230 Glider Sprue in the online store here...
Battlefront TV
Assembling the Assault Glider

Blake demonstrates how to put together the DFS-230 Assault Gliders.Visit the Battlefront TV channel on YouTube here...

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