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Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)

Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)


When the VK3001(H) heavy tank project was dropped in favour of the VK4501 that would eventually become the Tiger tank, two of the prototype chassis were used to produce the most powerfully armed self-propelled gun of the war.

The 12.8 cm Selbstfahrlafette L/61 (12.8cm L/61 Self-propelled Mounting) or Panzerselbst-lafette V (Armoured Self-propelled Mounting V) was armed with a Rheinmetall 12.8 cm K L/61 gun (based on the 12.8 cm FlaK 40).

The unofficial nickname of this design was ‘Sturer Emil’ (Stubborn Emil), and the two vehicles were named Max and Moritz after the naughty boys in Busch’s famous German children’s tale.

Interestingly Moritz, the first prototype, had a second dummy driver’s compartment on the right of the hull while Max had just the driver’s compartment on the left side.

Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)
Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)The Sturer Emil was slow and its lack of compatibility with other equipment caused logistical problems. These problems paled in comparison with the outstanding performance of its gun. It could easily engage targets at extreme ranges unmatched by any Soviet tank or anti-tank guns.
Hypothetical Combat Service

Max and Moritz joined the surviving Dicker Max when 521. Panzerjagerabteilung returned to 3. Panzerdivision for the advance into the Caucasus. After the disaster at Stalingrad Max was destroyed fighting with 2. Panzer¬division and Moritz was captured. At the time Moritz had 22 kill rings painted on the barrel.
After the experimental group proved successful, Sturer Emil was put into production.

Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)
Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)Design Features

If you thought that Dicker Max was well armed, you haven’t seen Sturer Emil. This monster carried a 12.8cm gun with a 25’6”/7.8m long barrel.

This fired a 58lb/26.4kg shot at 2887fps/880m/s. It could penetrate 120mm of armour sloped at 30 degrees at 2000m and over 200mm at point-blank range.

Despite the weight of the shell, the spacious fighting compartment allowed the two loaders to maintain a good rate of fire.

Sturer Emil Specifications

Designation: 12.8cm L/61 auf Panzerselbstfahrlafette V
Nickname: Sturer Emil
Crew: 5 (cdr, gnr, ldr (2), dvr)
Weight: 77,157lb/35,000kg)
Length: 31’10”/9.7m
Height: 8’10”/2.7m
Width: 10’4½”/3.16m
Armament: 1x 12.8cm K L/61 gun,
    1x 7.92mm MG34 machine-gun
Traverse: 7 degrees left and right
Ammunition Stowage: 18x 12.8cm, 600x 7.92mm
Armour Thickness: 15mm to 50mm
Engine: Maybach HL116 6-cylinder petrol,
    674cu in/11 litre, 300hp
Transmission: Maybach double differential
Suspension: Transverse torsion bar
Maximum Speed: 15.5mph/25km/h

Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)
Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)
In Flames Of War

Most tanks simply disintegrate under the impact of the 12.8cm L/61 gun. Even the heaviest super tank cannot withstand it.


Range: 48"/120cm; ROF: 2; Anti-tank: 18; Firepower 2+


Front: 5; Side: 2; Top: 0

Equipment and Notes

AA MG, Slow tank,
Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown
Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)
Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)
Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)
Sturer Emil Tank-Hunter (MM10)

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