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PaK40 auf RSO Platoon (GBX26) 7.5cm PaK40/4 auf Raupenschlepper, Ost (Sf)

PaK40 auf RSO Platoon (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO Platoon (GBX26)
7.5cm PaK40/4 auf Raupenschlepper, Ost (Sf)

In August of 1943, the Waffenamt (Armaments Office) was approached by Steyr Werke with a proposal to mount the powerful 7.5cm PaK40 on the RSO tractor. The Waffenamt was favourably impressed with the idea and ordered the conversion of 50 vehicles.
The running gear of the RSO remained unchanged in the new vehicle. The driver's compartment is replaced with a low, lightly armoured superstructure. The weapon was mounted to the frame underneath the normal RSO bed. Army Group South received several of these vehicles for troop testing in early 1944.

Hitler was so impressed with the design he ordered a full-scale production plan for 1944. In March 60 were to be produced with a further 100 in April, 150 in May and 200 in June, with production ramped up to 400 per month from July 1944 onwards. The production plan was never put into effect, and only 60 vehicles were ever completed.
The result was a lightweight, mobile but highly exposed anti-tank weapon. The RSO/PaK40 combination was manufactured during 1943/44 and was primarily used to support anti-tank infantry units on the Eastern Front.

The PaK40 auf RSO tank-hunters were put on field trials with Army Group South. Of the 60 RSO/4 with PAK 40 14 each were given to Heer Panzerjägerabteilungen 743 and 744, 14 were issued to 18. Panzergrenadierdivision and 7 were given to 1. Ski-Jäger Brigade. They were not considered satisfactory on account of their low speed and noisy engine.

7.5cm PaK40/4 auf RSO
Crew: 4
Weight: 4.5 (tonnes)
Length: 4.23 meters
Width: 2.22 meters
Height: 2 meters
Engine Details/Performance
Engine: Steyr 3.5 litre V8
Gearbox: 4 forward, 1 reverse
Speed: 17.2km/h
Cross Country Speed: 16km/h
Road Range: 250km
Fuel Type: Petrol
Power/Weight: 12.5 (HP/tonne), 85hp
Armour: 5-10mm
Armament: 7.5cm PaK40/4
Traverse: 30º left/30º right
Elevation: -5º/+22º
Ammunition: 25 rounds 

PaK40 auf RSO Platoon (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO Platoon (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)
In Flames Of War

A PaK40 auf RSO can be field in a Veteran Tank-hunter Platoon from Hammer and Sickle.

The Veteran Tank-hunter Platoon uses the newShoot and Scoot and Manoeuvre and Firespecial rules.
Shoot and Scoot:  
Veteran Tank-hunter Platoons Stormtrooper on a roll of 2+.
Manoeuvre and Fire
Experienced tank-hunters would prepare firing and movement routes within concealing terrain to maximize their effectiveness against advancing enemy armour.

Veteran Tank-hunter Platoons may prepare alternate firing positions. At the start of the game choose a single piece of Concealing Area Terrain or Linear Obstacle that provides concealment.
The selected terrain feature must be at least partially within your deployment area.
As long as the whole platoon remains Concealed within or behind the selected terrain feature, they may shoot using their full ROF when they move as if they had not moved. 

PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO Platoon (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)If the platoon leaves the selected terrain feature, or is no longer Concealed from enemy teams other than aircraft, they lose the benefit of the Manoeuvre & Fire special rule for the remainder of the game. 
The PaK40 auf RSO is Fully-tracked, but a Slow Tank so only moves 8”/20cm. It is lightly armoured with Front 0, Side 0 and Top 0. It is armed with the 7.5cm PaK40 gun. It has a range of 32”/80cm, Anti-tank 12, ROF2 and Firepower 3+. It is Hull mounted.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter
PaK40 auf RSO Platoon (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO Platoon (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)
PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)PaK40 auf RSO (GBX26)

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