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News 20.08.2009

Flames Of War
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Last Updated On Thursday, 20 August 2009
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This weekend (Saturday 22 August) the last of the Mid-war Monsters will hit a store near you. So if you haven’t checked out the last of the beasts have a look at the spotlights:
We have the third scenario to accompany River Of Heroes from Ken and I look at what miniatures to put in your teams with two ‘British’ Mid-war Rifle Platoons.
Sandbag dug-in markers
With North Africa due out next week we thought we’d take a look at the what’s inside. Phil will inform us further next week with Design Notes.

Next week will see the first release of a range of new Terrain items. With North Africa out the same week the first of these will be desert hills and dug-in markers.

We also have news on product special offers.
Blake has also completed putting up the available British Product Spotlights.
Blake’s Gallery Tip of the Week 
Winter themed Germans…
Jagdpanther Direct Exclusive
Starting on 29 August we will be releasing the first of our Website Direct products and we hope that you will find the range as exciting as we do.

Direct Exclusive…
Pulawy Scenario
The third and final bridgehead secured by the Soviets over the Vistula River at the end of Operation Bagration was at Pulawy, nearly 100 kilometres south of Warsaw.

Pulawy Scenario…

Pulawy Scenario
Australian Rifle/MG team Basing British Rifle Platoons for North Africa
We take a look at two examples of how to base Rifle Platoons from North Africa.

Basing British Rifle Platoons for North Africa…
The Complete Intelligence Handbook for Forces in
North Africa
and the Mediterranean, 1942-1943
North Africa and the Mediterranean is a 264-page hardback book containing revised and updated briefings for the major Axis and Allied forces that battled for dominance across North Africa and Italy.

North Africa and the Mediterranean…
North Africa
Desert Small Hills Small Desert Hills (BB504)
Contains: 2 x Painted Small Desert Hills

Small Desert Hills…
Large Desert Hill (BB505)

Contains: 1 x Painted Large Desert Hill

Large Desert Hill…
Large Desert Hill
Two-part Desert Hill Two-part Desert Hill (BB506)
Contains: 1 x Painted Two-Part Desert Hill

Two-part Desert Hill…
Desert Sandbags Dug-in Markers (BB109)

8 tabletop-ready Dug-In Markers, suitable for use with any army in Italy or North Africa. Markers are provided prepainted.

Desert Sandbags Dug-in Markers…
Desert Sandbags Dug-in Markers (BB109)
Desert Sandbags Dug-in Markers (BB109)
Desert Sandbags Dug-in Markers (BB109)

Tournament News
Mid-War Africa Escalation League
The Dragon's Hoard is hosting a Flames of War Escalation League beginning on the 26th September.

Mid-War Africa Escalation League…
Flames Of War Tournament Sebastià Ferrer Palma de Mallorca
The Desperta Ferro Gaming Club invites you to a Flames Of War event.

Sebastià Ferrer Palma de Mallorca…
Flames Of War At Colours 2009
Flames Of War is featured at Colours 2009, held on the 12-13 September in the UK.

Flames of War At Colours 2009...
WCP FOW 2009 "The Cauldron"
We are pleased to announce that the WCP Club will be once again holding its a Flames Of War tournament. The WCP FOW 2009 "The Cauldron" will be held on 24 and 25 October 2009 in Vancouver, Canada.

WCP FOW 2009 "The Cauldron"...
Total War at Gioca Padova 2009
The Overlord Club is hosting a Total War event at Gioca Padova 2009 on 6 September 2009...

Total War at Gioca Padova 2009...
Rommel: The Full Monty
The Flames Of War tournament at Unicon 2009. Unicon 2009 is a general games convention held in Melbourne over the weekend of October 3-4, 2009. This Flames of War tournament is one of many events at the convention.

Rommel: The Full Monty...

Mid War Monsters Event
For the month of August our US team have retailers in the US and Canada running a series of events promoting the use of Mid War Monsters.

Mid War Monsters Event...
Childs Play 2009
Childs Play 09 "Beast from the East" will be held over Saturday 7 November and Sunday 8 November 2009. Venue is the Davy's Sporting Club, Sheffield.

Childs Play 2009…
New Zealand Late War Tournament
Battlefront Miniatures Presents New Zealand’s Late War Grand Tournament, a Two-day event Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 October 2009.

NZ Late War GT…
Heat of Battle III
21-23 August at the The National WWii Museum, New Orleans, USA.  

Heat of Battle III...
Fall Recruits 09
Market Garden 65 is the Fall Recruits 09 Flames Of War tournament. It is themed to the Market Garden battle in celebration of the 65th anniversary of the event.

Fall Recruits 09...
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