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NZGT This week Blake joins me to assist in the running of the web and associated jobs. Mike and myself (Wayne) welcome him the team.

This week we have Product Spotlights featuring next week’s new release. These are all related to River Of Heroes. We have two new Gaming Sets covering the SS units featured in River Of Heroes. We spotlight the Panzer Kanonen SS-Wiking Panzer Aces and Sturmbannführer Fritz Biermeyer of Totenkopf SS-Panzerdivision. For the Soviets we have the T-34/85 obr 1944, the second improved model of the 85mm armed T-34 tank.

We also have the Results of the New Zealand Mid War Grand Tournament held two week ago in Auckland. 
The Panzerspähkompanie has been moved to the Official 1944-45 section the Briefings. Thanks to the Forum members for the feedback.

We also have a few older articles and Product Spotlights covering some recent intelligence briefings. Site Upgrades
I’d also like to mention that the website upgrades continue and this week the new online store has gone live. We are working our way through a few things that still need to be adjusted to work how we want, but feel free to have a browse and try it out.
Polish Flames of War Website now open!
Now available in Polish is a Website devoted completely to Flames of War. Please check out


and be a part of the local Flames of War gaming community in Poland.
For the month of June US stores will running a D-Day themed Airborne Assault scenario to coincide with the anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Airborne Assault…
The new Feldgendarmerie miniatures for the Sicherungskompanie will be available soon. This week we take a look at what you will get.

Feldgendarmerie Miniatures…
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Wargames Illustrated Subscriptions…
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NZGT 2009 Mid War NZGT Results
The Flames Of War Mid-War Grand Tournament held over the weekend of the 6th and 7th of June saw 46 participates furiously fighting it out over six highly competitive rounds.

2009 Mid War NZGT Results…
Panzerspähkompanie is Official
Your Panzerspähkompanie is an Mechanized unit whose infantry’s task is to break a hole in the enemy line for the Panzerspähwagen armoured cars to get through and reconnoitre in depth.

Panzerspähkompanie is Official…
Panzerspähkompanie is Official
Soviet Naval Infantry
Soviet Naval Infantry Brigades in Mid War
With the Late War Naval Infantry Intelligence Briefing now available, we thought we’d take a look at Phil’s article on the Soviet Naval Infantry Brigades in Mid War.

Soviet Naval Infantry Brigades…
Finnish Armour Organisation
Alun Gallie takes a look at the organisation of the Finnish Armoured formation in the Mid War period.

Finnish Armour Organisation…
Finnish KV-1
3.SS-Panzerdivision 'Totenkopf' Gaming Set
3.SS-Panzerdivision 'Totenkopf' Gaming Set
The 3.SS-Panzerdivision ‘Totenkopf’ or Deathhead carried the meanest, nastiest reputation in the SS. They earned their initial battle honours during the first winter on the Russian Front.

3.SS-Panzerdivision 'Totenkopf' Gaming Set…
5.SS-Panzerdivision 'Wiking' Gaming Set
The Finnish, Flemish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian volunteers of Motorised SS-Division Wiking proved themselves again and again during combat on the
Eastern Front.

5.SS-Panzerdivision 'Wiking' Gaming Set…
5.SS-Panzerdivision 'Wiking' Gaming Set
T-34/85 obr 1944 (SU056)
T-34/85 obr 1944 (SU056)
The sturdy T-34 proved more than up to the task to taking a heavier, three-man turret and a more powerful main gun on a virtually unaltered hull and turret ring.

T-34/85 obr 1944 (SU056)…
Panzer Kanonen (GBX32)
1 Panther A and 1 StuG III G. Thirteen members of the 5. SS-Panzerregiment of the Wiking SS-Panzerdivision were awarded the Knight’s Cross.

Panzer Kanonen (GBX32)…
Panzer Kanonen (GBX32)
Sturmbannführer Fritz Biermeyer (GE889)
Sturmbannführer Fritz Biermeyer (GE889)
Sturmbannführer Fritz Biermeyer is a Warrior team who leads a Panzer Platoon in Totenkopf SS-Panzerdivision.

Sturmbannführer Fritz Biermeyer (GE889)…
With the release the Soviet Cossack and Naval Intelligence Briefings recently we thought we’d revisit some of the associated miniatures’ Product Spotlights:

Cossack HQ & Company Dismounted (SU742)
We take a look at the dismounted Cossacks.

Cossack HQ & Company Dismounted (SU742)…
Cossack HQ & Company Dismounted (SU742)
Kazachya Sotnya (SBX05)
Kazachya Sotnya (SBX05)
Now you can field Cossacks in Flames of War!

Kazachya Sotnya (SBX05)…
Naval HQ & Platoon (SU722)
The Soviet Navy supplied over 500,000 fighting men for the land war against the Axis.

Naval HQ & Platoon (SU722)…
Naval HQ & Platoon (SU722)

Tournament News
Animosity Gaming Club Event
Animosity Gaming Club, together with Warlord.pl Shop invites you to join us on the 27/06/2009 for a great Flames of War tournament in Szczecin.
Animosity Gaming Club Event...
Avangardowe potyczki
Avangardowe potyczki is a late war Flames Of War tournament in Warsaw, Poland on 4-5 July.

Avangardowe potyczki tournament...
Flames Of War At GenCon 09
GenCon this year offers two Flames Of War tournaments, Grand Tournament 14-15 August and Iron Man Tournament 13 August 13.
Flames Of War At GenCon 09.. .
Monday Knights present Scandinavia in Flames 2009
Scandinavia in Flames is an Official Scandinavian Flames Of War Mid-War Championship held at Dragons Lair in Stockholm on 04 and 05 July 2009.

Scandinavia in Flames 2009...
Panzerschreck 09
Manawatu Duellists Society is once again holding the worlds longest run Flames Of War tournament. This year is is over the weekend of 11-12 July at the Massey University Events Centre in Palmerston North New Zealand.

Panzerschreck 09…
The 2nd European Championship IWF – Rome 2009 (8-11 of July 2009)
This will be the first time that an event of such a scale will be held in Europe for Flames Of War!

The 2nd European Championship IWF...
Heat of Battle III
21-23 August at the The National WWii Museum, New Orleans, USA.  

Heat of Battle III...
Fall Recruits 09
Market Garden 65 is the Fall Recruits 09 Flames Of War tournament. It is themed to the Market Garden battle in celebration of the 65th anniversary of the event.

Fall Recruits 09...
2nd European Championship IWF
The 2nd European Championship IWF – Rome 2009 (9-12 of July 2009).

2nd European Championship IWF...
For More Events...
US Nationals event notices Battlefront USA Events...

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Osprey New Releases May 09…
Sicherung and Walküre…
May's New Releases

In Shops 16 May
FW210 River Of Heroes
SBX13 Engineer-Sapper Battalion
SU804 Engineer-Sapper Flamethrower Platoon
GE888 General von Sauken

June's New Releases

In Shops 13 June
GBX30 Sturmtiger Platoon
SU802 Strelkovy Platoon - Battle Hardened
SU803 Engineer-Sapper Platoon
SU738 Anti-tank Rifle Platoon

In Shops 27 June
GBX32 Panzerkanonen
GE889 Sturmbannfurher Fritz Biermeyer
SU056 T-34/85 obr 1944
TD021 Totenkopf Gaming Set
TD022 Wiking Gaming Set
July's New Releases

In Shops July
FW211 Mid-War Monsters
MM10 Sturer Emil Tank-hunter (x3)
MM03 Boarhound I Armoured Car (x3)
MM07 T55E1 Gun Motor Carriage (x2)
MM15 KV-3 Heavy Tank (x4)

MM09 Dicker Max Tank-hunter (x3)
MM02 Churchill 3" Gun Carrier (x3)
MM05 M6 Heavy Tank (x3)
MM16 KV-5 Super-heavy Tank (x3)
MM13 P40 Heavy Tank (x4)
August's New Releases

In Shops August
MM17 IS-85 Heavy Tank (x5)
MM12 Panzer I F Light Tank (x5)
MM18 T-43 Medium Tank (x5)
MM14 Semovente 75/34 self-propelled gun (x5)
MM08 Tiger (P) Heavy Tank (x2)
MM11 8.8cm FlaK18 SFL Tank-hunter (x2)
MM01 TOG2 Heavy Tank (x3)
MM04 M27 Medium Tank (x5)
MM04 T-14 Assault Tank (x3)
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