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News 16.07.2009

Flames Of War
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Last Updated On Thursday, 16 July 2009
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The spotlight continues to shine on our new Mid-war Monsters. We bring you three more of these armoured beasts. We also make available another Partisans and Polizei scenario and the new River Rules from Firestorm-Bagration.

Mike reviews another new Opsrey book, this one looks at Operation Dragoon, the Allied invasion of Southern France. Evan reports on last weekends Panzerschreck VIII event and Blake has added two more forthcoming events.
Panzerschreck VIII
Forum Tips of the Week 
Partisans and Polizei Escape from the Gestapo: A Partisans and Polizei Scenario
Recently we published this Partisans and Polizei Scenario in Wargames Illustrated 261. Now you can download it and try it out.

Escape from the Gestapo...
Rivers in Byelorussia
We have extracted all the River rules from the Firestorm—Bagration Campaign Book to make the River rules available to all.

Rivers in Byelorussia...
Rivers in Byelorussia
Recce Squadron
British Recce Squadron
After feedback and corrections the British Recce Squadron moves to the Official 1944-45 section.

British Recce Squadron
Panzerschreck VIII 2009 Results
Once again Panzerschreck, the original Flames Of War tournament, has come and gone over the weekend of the 11 and 12 July 2009. Evan reports on the results.

Panzerschreck VIII 2009 Results...
Panzerschreck VIII
Boarhound I Armoured Car (MM03)
Boarhound I Armoured Car (MM03)
We take a look at the British Boarhound I Armoured Car.

Boarhound I Armoured Car...
M6 Heavy Tank (MM05)
We take a look at the American M6 Heavy Tank.

M6 Heavy Tank (MM05)...
M6 Heavy Tank (MM05)
P40 Heavy Tank (MM13)
P40 Heavy Tank (MM13)
We take a look at the Italian P40 heavy tank.

P40 Heavy Tank (MM13)...
New from Osprey Publishing
Operation Dragoon 1944: France's other D-Day
Mike takes a look at Osprey's Operation Dragoon 1944: France's other D-Day.

Operation Dragoon 1944...
Operation Dragoon 1944

Tournament News
Rommel: The Full Monty
The Flames Of War tournament at Unicon 2009. Unicon 2009 is a general games convention held in Melbourne over the weekend of October 3-4, 2009. This Flames of War tournament is one of many events at the convention.

Rommel: The Full Monty...

Mid War Monsters Event
For the month of August our US team have retailers in the US and Canada running a series of events promoting the use of Mid War Monsters.

Mid War Monsters Event...
Childs Play 2009
Childs Play 09 "Beast from the East" will be held over Saturday 7 November and Sunday 8 November 2009. Venue is the Davy's Sporting Club, Sheffield.

Childs Play 2009…
New Zealand Late War Tournament
Battlefront Miniatures Presents New Zealand’s Late War Grand Tournament, a Two-day event Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 October 2009.

NZ Late War GT…
The Guns of August
The EMIRS club in association with The Tin Soldier Sydney invites you to join them for The Guns of August, a Flames Of War tournament held on the 8-9 August.

The Guns of August...
Flames Of War At GenCon 09
GenCon this year offers two Flames Of War tournaments, Grand Tournament 14-15 August and Iron Man Tournament 13 August.
Flames Of War At GenCon 09.. .
Heat of Battle III
21-23 August at the The National WWii Museum, New Orleans, USA.  

Heat of Battle III...
Fall Recruits 09
Market Garden 65 is the Fall Recruits 09 Flames Of War tournament. It is themed to the Market Garden battle in celebration of the 65th anniversary of the event.

Fall Recruits 09...
For More Events...
Flames Of War in other languages...

US Nationals event notices Battlefront USA Events...

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Finnish Forces Facing the Soviets 1944...
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May's New Releases

In Shops 16 May
FW210 River Of Heroes
SBX13 Engineer-Sapper Battalion
SU804 Engineer-Sapper Flamethrower Platoon
GE888 General von Sauken

June's New Releases

In Shops 13 June
GBX30 Sturmtiger Platoon
SU802 Strelkovy Platoon - Battle Hardened
SU803 Engineer-Sapper Platoon
SU738 Anti-tank Rifle Platoon

In Shops 1 August
MM07 T55E1 Gun Motor Carriage (x2)
MM16 KV-5 Super-heavy Tank (x3)
MM09 Dicker Max Tank-hunter (x3)
MM02 Churchill 3" Gun Carrier (x3)
August's New Releases

In Shops 15 August
MM04 T-14 Assault Tank (x3)
MM12 Panzer I F Light Tank (x5)
MM18 T-43 Medium Tank (x5)
MM14 Semovente 75/34 self-propelled gun (x5)

In Shops 22 August
MM08 Tiger (P) Heavy Tank (x2)
MM11 8.8cm FlaK18 SFL Tank-hunter (x2)
MM01 TOG2 Heavy Tank (x3)
MM04 M27 Medium Tank (x5)
MM17 IS-85 Heavy Tank (x5)
In Shops 29 August
FW105 North Africa (Hardback)
BB109 Africa Sandback Entrenchments
BB505 Africa Hill, Large
BB506 Africa Hill, Two Part
BB504 Africa Hills, Small
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