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7th Armoured Division Armoured Squadron (BRAB03)

7th Armoured Division Armoured Squadron (BRAB03)
Contains the core componets of a Armoured Squadron
The 7th Armoured Division had an illustrious history by the time it landed in Normandy on the evening of D-Day. They earned their nickname as the ‘Desert Rats’ fighting in every major battle against Rommel, the ‘Desert Fox’, in the North African theatre. After defeating the Germans in Africa, the Desert Rats landed in Italy to continue the battle. 
Pulled back to Britain for the Normandy landings, the veteran division was re-equipped with fast Cromwell tanks and hard-hitting Firefly VC 17 pdr gun tanks for their intended pursuit role.
Within a week of landing, they pushed deep behind the German front line, taking Villers-Bocage before being pushed out by heavy counterattacks. The tough veteran Desert Rats fought again east of Caen in Operations Goodwood and Spring, before capturing the pivotal Mont Pinçon in Operation Bluecoat during the breakout battles.
Box Contents
This box set contains all the models shown in the organisational diagrams on the back of the box (shown above).
Also included are British Decals, containing unit symbols, vehicle numbers and Allied stars, as well as stowage to customise your miniatures, giving your army a unique look.
Cromwell and Firefly tanks
A guide to creating 7th Armoured Division forces can be found in Villers-Bocage pages 50 to 68.
Motor Platoon, The Rifle Brigade
Motor Platoon and objectives designed by Seth
Vehicles and Artillery command designed by Evan
Painted by Jeremy 

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