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5cm PaK38 gun (GE510)

5cm PaK38 gun (GE510)5cm PaK38 gun (GE510)
Two Models

Issue to the German Army in April 1941, the 5cm PaK38 was the successor of the 3.7cm PaK36 anti-tank gun. Developed in the late 1930s by Rheinmetall-Borsig, the Pak38 soon proved its worth during Operation Barbarossa as it was one of only a handful of waepons that could effectively penetrate the armour of the Soviet T-34.
Mounted on a split trail, the gun was usually towed by half-track but was light enough to be manhandled into position with the aid of a third wheel fitted to the spade piece of the trail. Fitted with a gun shield to provide protection for the crew, the gun was capable of firing both Armour Piercing and High Explosive rounds.5cm PaK38 gun (GE510)
5cm PaK38 gun (GE510)In Flames Of War

Every infantry regiment has a company of anti-tank guns in order to deal with enemy tanks in the absence of the Panzers.

The PaK38 has a range of 24”/60cm, ROF 3, Anti-tank 9 with a 4+ Firepower.
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