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2nd Armored Division Tank Company(USAB02)

Tank Destroyer Platoon2nd Armored Division Tank Company(USAB02)
Contains the core components of a 2nd Armored Division Tank Company

Thousands of US bombers blanket the earth in a rain of death and destruction as the Americans begin their final push through the bocage of Normandy. 
2nd Armored Division Tank Company (USAB02)
The veterans of the 2nd Armored Division were pitted against elite German SS-Panzer troops. Despite having numbers on their side, the US Army faces a tough task digging the entrenched Germans out of their positions.
2nd Armored Division Tank Company (USAB02)
This box set contains all the models shown in the organisational diagrams above and below. Also included are US Decals, containing vehicle numbers and Allied Stars, as well as stowage to customise your miniatures, giving your army a unique look. Also included is a Army Sheet contain the company organisation and points on one side and the force arsenal on the reverse.
2nd Armored Division Tank Company (USAB02) Army Sheet
The Flames Of WarQuartermasters Set and the US Paint Set contain all the paints, brushes and painting guides needed to complete your army.Cobra, The Normandy Breakout, has detailed company options, historical details, historical scenarios and painting guides.

Contents may vary from those shown.
Miniatures designed
by Seth Nash
Vehicles designed
by Evan Allen
Guns designed by Evan Allen and Karl Cederman
Painted by James Brown, Jeremy Painter and Matt Parks
USAB02 Army Sheet Arsenal
2nd Armored Division ‘Hell On Wheels’ Tank Company
Company HQ
Two M4A1 Sherman tanks

190 points
Combat Platoons
Tank Platoon
Three M4A1 (76mm) Sherman tanks

  345 points
Tank Platoon
Three M4A1 Sherman tanks

270 points
Weapons Platoons
Light Tank Platoon
Three M5A1 Stuart tanks

190 points
Support Platoons
Rifle Platoon
Three Rifle Squads

155 points
Rifle Platoon
Three Rifle Squads

155 points
Tank Destroyer Platoon
One Tank Destroyer Section

175 points
Field Artillery Battery
Two Gun Sections (four M2A1 105mm howitzers)

145 points
1625 points
2nd Armored Division Tank Company (USAB02)
Field Artillery Battery, Light Tank Platoon, Rifle Platoon and objective
Tank Platoons and objective

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